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Happy Halloween or is it?

It’s Friday and I am so excited to start the weekend off with dressing up for Halloween. Check out my lovely Double Eyes Alien Photo (1st two pictures below left). I am practicing my look for tomorrow when I head to New Jersey for the weekend. My brother and his family live in a neighborhood where it seems as though every cool New Yorker who wanted land and a family, moved and created a beautiful, artsy, and fun family town 30 minutes outside of NYC. Tomorrow’s festivities will include decorating the house scary, going to the town Halloween Festival, trick or treating with the nephews, and then all gathering back at the house for a neighborhood adult drinking party at around 8pm. Sounds fun, right? I can’t wait to see my nephews dressed up. I always got dressed up for Halloween. My mom was very creative with me even after my accident. One time, she knew that I wanted to dress up, but it was hard for me because my scars were so thick on my chin, so she said, “How about I turn you into an old man and put a beard on you.” Can you believe it? I would rather be an old man at 13 years old for Halloween then to be myself. But truthfully, I felt more like myself when my scars weren’t showing to the world. I felt like people could talk to me without mentioning my looks or stumbling on their words because they were too focused on what I looked like.

Anyway, as I grew older, my creative costumes because more “slutty” costumes and Halloween became less about fun and more about fitting in and drinking. Luckily that stage came and went and for the past several years, I tried to be more creative with face painting and scaring people. Here are some pictures from 2013 and 2014. I am missing the one where I dressed like a crazy lady who escaped an insane asylum, but just come by my bed any early morning. You will catch a glimpse of what that costume looked like. Ha! I love Youtube because all I have to do is search, “Halloween creepy face makeup” and tons of Users post amazing videos teaching me how to do these things. All it takes is some white face paint, black marker face paint, fake red blood and voila! You can be a number of different creative things.

So you know how I never wear my hair up in public unless I am wearing a scarf or I am around people who I am very closed to? Well, this is the first year where I am wearing my hair up. (Thanks Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif). I am heading to a popular and trendy restaurant in DC shortly for dinner and drinks with one of my best friends. I am going to try keeping my hair up the whole time. Yes I know that my white face paint will help hide the scarring, but as my sister told me last year, “it’s interesting how you are even more confident with your face paint on when the face paint isn’t covering anything.” She continued to say that she loved my confidence with or without face paint. And she is right. I love Halloween because I use it as an excuse where I can transform for a day or two without feeling the public eyes burning a whole through my chin. At least that’s what I continue to tell myself. Now only if I could have this confidence every day of the year. Hold on tight, I am working on it.

Have a very fun and safe Halloween! My next few blog posts are going to be super interesting. Can’t wait to share. xo

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I Can Smile Like a Regular Person Again!!! Today is a Great DAY!

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Good Morning!

I finally have my video ready to load onto Youtube. But first, here are a few shots I took before and after the video. None of these photos are re-touched in any way, shape or form (as you can tell). Can you believe how much better my chin looks?? I can actually smile facing to the front now. I haven’t smiled like a regular person in years. Really–YEARS. I still have a little bit more work to have done on the scarring and shape of the chin, but for the most part, I am VERY pleased that Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif have been able to change my life by actually doing what they said they were going to do to my chin. In my 10 operations prior to the one in late 2014, I had Doctors (some quite arrogantly) tell me that my chin was going to look amazing and as if I never got into a fire accident. Sadly, they were all wrong and kept botching my surgeries. I felt defeated, and ended up believing that this was the way I was supposed to live my life….with a scar. So I did what any person would do– I made the best out of my situation. And I continue to live my life with pure happiness. You have to come to that conclusion before you can seek any sort of happiness. You have to tell yourself that you only have one life to live and you have to make the best with what you have, and if you want something more, then you have to work for it. A lot of people want easy solutions. It can all be easy if you remove the negative thinking and only seek positive energy in your life. I do understand though that some people are born depressed or angry. Anyway, more on this later. For now– here are some shots taken this morning. I lightened my hair. Do you like it? Well, don’t answer that. I always get 50% of people telling me they love it, and then the other 50% like me so much better with the darker hair color. You can never please anyone. Oh well!

Have a great day! Anyone going to watch the new season of E!s’ Botched? How about watch Dr. Dubrow and Heather Dubrow’s new talk show after Botched??? I will be tuning in as I hope you do too : ) Check out my video on youtube later if you want to have a little laugh!

P.s- Thank you to the Merideth Veira Show for mentioning my name when Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif were on there talking about Botched! Great show. I got a few emails after that episode aired.


Hello from Beautiful South Beach!


I am currently in South Beach, Florida visiting our Southern Headquarters that just so happens to be on the 34th floor of a condo overlooking the bay on one side and the ocean on another side. It’s beautiful out here. I truly never thought I would like Miami. I just thought it seemed very pretentious. But truthfully, now that I am visiting here again after 10 years, I am older and able to look past the crazy night life scene and notice that Southern Florida is absolutely beautiful and the people have thus far been lovely. I have had a couple of people tell me that they saw me on TV and they loved the episode. That makes me feel really special that people still care about my well being. I never thought anyone would. I send all of the love right back!! I walk around with a big smile on my face because well one–I no longer smile and have a chin the size of Gaston’s from Beauty and the Beast, and two–I continue to know that life is so beautiful.

Anyway, I want to answer a question that I received in my email not to long ago from a Reader from Louisiana. She told me that she has a large mole on her face and often wears cover up but sometimes the cover up mixed with the darker color mole, makes her skin look a bit purple/brown in color. She wants to know what I use on my reddish scars to conceal the color. Well my stunning Reader, I dab a green liquid concealer over the red parts of my scar, light concealer around my eyes, nose and surrounding skin around my nose, and blend regular skin color foundation on the rest of my face and over the green and light concealers. While I don’t know how to disguise the brown color of a mole, I have a good idea of the foundations that will cover it REALLY well as they cover mine great. The only thing I cannot hide is the raised part of my scars. I would need to put on a mask of a new face to do that. Ha! Eew…moving on and in detail in later posts!

My next few blog posts will be uploaded onto youtube so I can show exactly what I use and how I look with certain foundations. That way you can get an honest review on the makeup and see if something would either be too thick or light of a foundation for what you are trying to conceal. I have absolutely no idea how to make a professional video where I am talking over my video, so bare with me. I will do mine in parts until I learn how to be a bit more tech savvy with my site.

Until then…a few recent photos from my friend’s wedding I was a bridesmaid in, Taylor Swift concert where her face was blocked on the big screen the entire time, late night swimming at my parent’s pool in Miami and then one of the terrace views from my parent’s home in Miami…life is too short so I make sure to enjoy it as often as possible!!


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