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One Flew over the Cookoo’s Nest


I know that I haven’t written in 2 weeks. I am sorry! I doubt you care too much. Ha. Anyway, the past 2 weeks have been busy. I listed my condo to Rent and I went searching for a new apartment to live with my boyfriend in Washington, D.C. We found the perfect 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment for us on Valentine’s Day which was actually super cute and romantic and stuff like that. For those of you who didn’t know I have a boyfriend, let me introduce you to Jason. I won’t post a picture of him until he gives me permission. But yeah, we are pretty serious and I am madly in love with him and just never expected this all to happen when we met. I believe you will witness some of our love on E!’s Botched when it premieres in April. I want to talk about a lot of things, but because of Non Disclosure Agreements, I want to keep my medium size lips sealed so I’m not served with a $50,000 + law suit from the lovely people at the E! Network and Evolution Media. Evolution is the awesome company I worked with who produce Botched and other really juicy reality TV shows. Great people over there and I wish them all a TON of success.

Okay, I am babbling. This post was just a short one to kind of get myself back on track with the site. I am going to post on random days and more consistently once March hits and promos begin airing. I only say that because it will keep me more motivated to post. You know what I mean? I figure I will have topics planned out to write about on any given day of the week. Here is what I am thinking below:

Monday: Life Updates

Tuesday: The real deal Tuesday on what I as a burned victim have experienced in relationships & dating

Wednesday: Health, Beauty, Fashion and Decor tips for all people but with a focus on us scarred ones

Thursday: Throwback Thursday photos and memories from growing up with a facial scar

Friday: Future Friday– what I hope for the future and positive notes

Saturday: Party, Recipes & Event Planning Ideas

Sunday: Random Stories & Happenings in the wonderful world of Crispy Crissy

Until next time my friends…oh, here are a few shots of the condo I am renting out. You want to rent it from me? : 0 my best friend Cristian is an insanely talented Interior Designer. If you want to hire him (he is very inexpensive for my friends), let me know. Let me know if in the comments section if you want to know about where I purchased any of the pieces.


Until next time, xoxo

MY CONDO 145  condo2 kitchen1MY CONDO 146

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