I Wish I Never Did This!!


I did something really, incredibly dumb. And I regret it.

I decided that almost a month after my episode aired, I would check Twitter to see what people said about the show. Big mistake. While most people were so supportive and nice about the show, 3 people–and yes, I am specifically calling out 3 people–made comments that kind of hurt my feelings…for a few minutes. At the end of the day though, those people don’t know me. If they actually met me, they would like me and find the beauty in me. At least this is what I am telling myself to feel better. Hahaha.

One person asked if I was born a man. You would think I would be terribly offended by this. But I wasn’t only because nowadays, men who dress as women are looking so natural and GORGEOUS. So you think I was a man because I had a bad accident that turned my chin a bit more square looking? That’s nice of you to say. You must be a miserable person and to make yourself feel better, you put an insult out there on social media in hopes of getting some ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’. I don’t let these things affect my spirit. I know a few transgendered people, cross dressers and drag queens. They are hot and gorgeous and if you want to put me in any of those categories, do it! I could only wish I was as fabulous as many of the people I know.

Another person said that I looked like I had a dick print on the side of my chin. Hahaha. I have absolutely no idea what that even means. So you are watching a show about my fire accident and the only thing you could think about was seeing some sort of male body part on the side of my chin?? I’m so confused. People are weird.

Those 2 comments weren’t that terribly offensive to me. The one that bothered me for a few minutes was this guy who tweeted that the Doctors said that they did all they could do with the Botched patients and we are still ugly. When I saw the time stamp, my reveal wasn’t even aired yet!? He got retweeted a few times from that comment. While I don’t know if he placed me in that group of Botched patients, the word, ‘ugly,’ is still so harsh. Geezzz– keep it to yourself. I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but can you at least say, ‘not that pretty,’ or “not very attractive’? Ha. My friend later told me that the tweet was directed to the transgendered person who was on the show with me. Honestly, it doesn’t matter though. Because that person was nice on the show and didn’t deserve that mean comment. I was also on Botched–granted I never would have elected to have plastic surgery if I didn’t need to, but still. I was on that episode. You say something mean about them, you are also kind of hurting my feelings.

When you put yourself out there to the world. Expect to be judged. It’s normal. We all do it. But know that when you put that nasty energy out there in the world, that nasty energy will come right back to you. I would NEVER post something on social media that hurts another person. Why? What is the point? So a few other people can make you feel cool for a minute? I would never talk nasty about someone else (who I do not know well personally) because it only shows insecurity.

Anyway, I will never look at social media again when it comes to me. But I will continue putting myself out there and telling more personal stories because the more we learn about eachother, the less hate we have towards one another in this world. At the end of the day, we are all living, breathing, animals.

Have a great weekend!! Below are a few pictures of Jason’s and my new apartment we moved into a month ago. We have one room left to decorate, but here are a few  of our family room to show for now. My best friend Cristian helped me design the place. He’s a high end Designer but is branching off a bit on his own, so if you want to have him help you accessorize your place or start designing from scratch, he is giving my reader’s a $75 dollar discount per hour to make it $25 per hour to have him at your home. How cool is that? If you want him to travel, traveling expenses are incurred, but if you are in the Washington, DC metro area, then contact me for his email address or you can contact him directly through Facebook.

(photos courtesy of Cristian Mendoza)

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