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I am currently in South Beach, Florida visiting our Southern Headquarters that just so happens to be on the 34th floor of a condo overlooking the bay on one side and the ocean on another side. It’s beautiful out here. I truly never thought I would like Miami. I just thought it seemed very pretentious. But truthfully, now that I am visiting here again after 10 years, I am older and able to look past the crazy night life scene and notice that Southern Florida is absolutely beautiful and the people have thus far been lovely. I have had a couple of people tell me that they saw me on TV and they loved the episode. That makes me feel really special that people still care about my well being. I never thought anyone would. I send all of the love right back!! I walk around with a big smile on my face because well one–I no longer smile and have a chin the size of Gaston’s from Beauty and the Beast, and two–I continue to know that life is so beautiful.

Anyway, I want to answer a question that I received in my email not to long ago from a Reader from Louisiana. She told me that she has a large mole on her face and often wears cover up but sometimes the cover up mixed with the darker color mole, makes her skin look a bit purple/brown in color. She wants to know what I use on my reddish scars to conceal the color. Well my stunning Reader, I dab a green liquid concealer over the red parts of my scar, light concealer around my eyes, nose and surrounding skin around my nose, and blend regular skin color foundation on the rest of my face and over the green and light concealers. While I don’t know how to disguise the brown color of a mole, I have a good idea of the foundations that will cover it REALLY well as they cover mine great. The only thing I cannot hide is the raised part of my scars. I would need to put on a mask of a new face to do that. Ha! Eew…moving on and in detail in later posts!

My next few blog posts will be uploaded onto youtube so I can show exactly what I use and how I look with certain foundations. That way you can get an honest review on the makeup and see if something would either be too thick or light of a foundation for what you are trying to conceal. I have absolutely no idea how to make a professional video where I am talking over my video, so bare with me. I will do mine in parts until I learn how to be a bit more tech savvy with my site.

Until then…a few recent photos from my friend’s wedding I was a bridesmaid in, Taylor Swift concert where her face was blocked on the big screen the entire time, late night swimming at my parent’s pool in Miami and then one of the terrace views from my parent’s home in Miami…life is too short so I make sure to enjoy it as often as possible!!


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