About PrettywithaScar

Hey! My name is Cristina, but my friends and family call me Crissy. You can call me Crissy. I never intended on starting a blog, but after years of searching the internet and watching TV shows with no luck on finding a person who I could relate to that had a facial scar, or any scar for that matter, I decided that I needed to put down my wall and be the person that people could find and hopefully relate to me.

PrettywithaScar.com isn’t just for people with scars though. It’s for anyone who suffers from anything that has or still is hindering them from being the best person they could possibly be…and for those who just like a good and honest read. I hope to entertain you along the way as life is very good! So I will also fit in some travel, health, spiritual, beauty, fashion, food and all around fun posts that don’t directly relate to having a scar. But while I entertain, I hope to continue making myself a better person by learning more about my awesome readers. I have gone through an insane amount of experiences in my life and even when some things haven’t personally happened to me, I can guarantee that I know someone who has been through what you are possibly going or have gone through. So fasten your seat belts, because this is going to be an incredible new chapter to read. : )

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